As Hong Kong based company with its main facility in Dongguan, China, Zhiyang Precision Plastic Mould Limited has been mainly manufacturing export molds since established in 2001. We know well West like America, France & Germany and Aisa like Korea & Japan mold standard. Our aim and norm are to be your reassured molder. Zhiyang specializes in various high-quality plastic molds toolings including high cavitation mold, insert mold, over mold, two-shot mold, unscrewing mold and hot runner mold. In addtion, Zhiyang offers the value-added services of rubber injectio mold, die casting and plastic injection molding. Consistently delivering high quality and performance molds & molded parts on schedule at competitive pricing, Zhiyang has an excellent reputation.
Quality is the cornerstone of our business and Zhiyang takes the subject very seriously. Our rigorous standards require that all parts pass First Piece Inspection on key dimensional and visual characteristics prior to the start of every production run. Independent auditors provide objective evaluations of our quality system which are used to drive continuous improvement.
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